Meet the three best satellite navigation applications


Did you know that you can see your home, city and other countries via satellite? To do this, you just need a satellite navigation app. No matter where you are on planet Earth, satellite navigation app will let you see all the cities and houses you want. 

The app has satellite navigation to explore the whole world on your satellite phone. You can also see 3D terrain from around the world and 3D buildings in hundreds of cities around the world. 

And a satellite earth map and instant GPS 360 street imagery. The app also has driver support tools such as: B. Voice instructions, speed control and traffic conditions. 


Check out the 3 best options for satellite navigation apps.


Satellite apps 


1. Google Earth 

First great option, with Google Earth you can explore the whole world from above. This is possible because Google Earth contains images from all over the world. 


How to enlarge your home and immerse yourself in a 360° perspective with Street View. 

You can also see a collection of guided tours from NASA, BBC Earth, National Geographic and more. Plus, you can view all the maps and stories you’ve created with Google Earth on your own phone. 

Google Earth is available for Android and iOS.



2. MAPS GPS Live Earth Satellite 

The second option, GPS Satellite Maps, is perfect for tourists. The app provides live street view of local places, real-time GPS map and voice navigation. 

Plus, you can view subway map trips and attractions from places like India, United States, United States, South Korea, London, and Japan. GPS finds your location and displays it on the street map. 

Also, you can view and save the train parking and map, as well as get voice navigation and driving directions. The app also shows real-time traffic information, cycling and pedestrian driving modes. 

Plus, there’s a guide to help you find ATMs, hospitals, hotels, best restaurants, shops, airports, bus stations, and even gas stations. 

You can find destinations and shortcuts faster and plan your route. GPS Live Earth Satellite Maps is only available for Android.


3. Live Street View – Earth map, satellite view

The last good option is Live Street View 360, an app with the combination of Earth map satellite and instant GPS 360 street imagery. 

Live Earth basically allows you to travel in 3D and view a straight panorama of the road. You can also watch live footage of world famous attractions, 7 wonders of the world and more. 

The app will provide satellite information and stratospheric maps around the world. Plus 3D graphics effects, full HD land map, 360 degree panoramic camera live street view, instant road updates. 

Use mobile terrestrial camera and satellite mapping to see how traffic is in the area. In addition, the app has a list of famous and historical places. You can travel and explore cool places around the world. 

Live Street View 360 is only available for Android. Now you have the best satellite viewing options, download the app and enjoy seeing the whole world from your cell phone. 

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